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Return Product Management

Manage Returns Processing Across Multiple Channels.
Your reverse supply chain is full of opportunities. In fact, getting goods back into the supply chain can be just as important as getting goods out the door. Our Reverse Logistics Management solution automates the entire returns process across multiple channels to give you control of your reverse supply chain.

Product and shipping information is tracked, stored, referenced and reported. This information can be easily accessed so you can process customer credits efficiently.

Through integration with our Warehouse Management solution, you'll know what returned products to expect and can allocate resources to get them back on the shelf, to the appropriate supplier or to scrap inventory.

LSI Reverse Logistics Management
  • Manages the entire returns process

  • Increases net asset recovery

  • Matches invoices for accurate return credit

  • Improves visibility into purchase and return behavior

  • Provides opportunities for up-selling, sale protection and cross promotion

  • Helps lower inventory holding costs at returns centers

  • Differentiates between tiers of buyers to customize user experiences

  • Consolidates returns into one shipment back to the vendor

  • Runs manufacturer and extended warranty programs in a single centralized system environment.

Key Features:
  • End-to-end returns process management

  • Configurable business rules engine

  • Integrates with existing system or stand alone

  • Integrates to trading partners (3PLs, services and repair contractors, contract manufacturers)

  • Web-based customer interface

  • Internet barcode/RFID item tagging

Business Results:
  • Control of warranty and scrap costs

  • Fast inventory and asset recovery and reuse

  • Optimized transportation routing

  • Rapid credit processing and reconciliation

  • Reduced Reserve for Returns allowance

  • Lower administrative costs

  • Improved Customer/Vendor compliance